In Your Eyes, I See My World

I was as cold as ice,
But then you came along just to melt me.
I was as tough as iron,
But you turned out to be magnet just to pull me.

Inside i was all sad and broken,
But i had to pretend that i was strong.
I thought true love didn’t exist,
You came by just to prove me wrong.

I am glad you stayed back,
and never gave up on me.
You were patient to hold your ground
and you became my bestie.

I changed your life, you say
Oh really!
Then what have you done to me.
Your life revolves around me, you say
but ultimately in center getting all love and care is me.

i might be the one for you,
i might be your world,
Now here’s the truth you need to know
in your eyes i see My world.

You are my prince charming in disguise,
But i am no princess.
You are the reason i breathe,
You are the reason of my existence.

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