I too had a Love Story 

You cross my mind, day and night.
Your face is my heaven at sight.

When you are away,
I pray together we stay.

The feel of our first kiss,
So magical, eternal and pure bliss.

Oh! How I remember that night.
The way you held me so close, so tight.

Your touch sends me chills down my spine.
You remember! Our card games and shots of wine.

I cherish how we spent our evenings,
Roaming, eating, drinking and dancing.

I wait for those days to come again.
Where we spend our nights, crazy and insane.

There won’t be tears anymore,
Close we shall be, with distance no more.


My ‘Old-school’ Friend

He isn’t young, may be a bit old.
But he has his way with words.
Charmer, as he is known,
He is what people say, best of both worlds.

The glint in his eyes,
Oh! That mischievous smile.
He was simply a guy,
Being naughty in his forty.

He may not be a true gentleman
Might even be a bit rebel.
Yet he called himself reserved.
A tornado stuck in a shell.