Deep in my Heart

Out you bring in me,
The feeling of euphoria.
Deep in your eyes I see,
They hold more secrets than Victoria.

The truth haunts me,
I just want to be in that trance.
How long we last, I’ll see.
But few are the chance.

We can’t be together,
That’s the fact of life.
As much as you belong with her,
It stabs my heart with a knife.

I think of you in silence.
No soul can see me weep.
But deep in my heart,
Your image I shall keep.


A New beginning 

Let go of the past old days.
Look! Life has opened up new ways.
It’s a new beginning .
See the cloud with silver lining.

Life isn’t fair, it gets messy
As said, ‘nothing worth comes easy.’
But things will be fine, don’t loose hope.
Give some to me if they are too much to cope.

You’re not alone, you’re my bae.
I am just a whisper away.
Seek me in your dark times.
I will be the wind to your chimes.

Someone Somewhere

Grinning stupidly,
Crying relentlessly.
The feeling is new.
Someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Her days shine,
And nights spent with wine.
Looking at you, her heart loves the view.
Someone somewhere is thinking of you.

You appear,
In dreams of her.
As if on cue.
Someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Blessings are few,
They are too good to be true.
The day came as the time flew.
Someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Giving her a goodbye kiss,
You leave with just a promise.
i will come back for you,
Someone somewhere is thinking of you.

A Dark Soul

Looking out over the horizon,
i see a Silhouette, a shadow.
little was it vague or trying to shun
the beautiful laid out meadow.
I call out to him,
little did i know.
he was the silence,
before the big giant volcano.
I shook my head, rubbed my eye.
I tried to clear my mind and reason why.
why would he run away,
why would he shy.
awakened by a loud thud,
I sit up to look around.
there i lay in a pool of blood,
Unmoved and lost in fairytown.

United by heart

Unplanned by us, planned by destiny.
We met at some place, heavenly.

No words exchanged, no smiles
I day dreamed myself in a white gown
And you on the other side of the aisle.

We grew closer,
when we were apart.
Separated by borders,
United by heart.

Desire for your touch
Was a burning sensation.
A sweet bitter was such
This love reincarnation.

I kept praying for this day for us to be one
Chances weren’t rare, but none.

How I wish you’d know
How much I wanted you to stay.
You aren’t a traitor, I know.
But you said goodbye and went away.

🎶 Rhymes and rhymes I write 🎶

You took my life away with you.
I feel sad, I feel so blue
I wish I could tell you,
That you were too good to be true.

Surrounded by plenty of friends,
Day never ends.
But as night steps in….
It pricks my heart like a pin.

Rhymes is all I write,
Tears of silent pain is all I cry.
My heart and my mind are having a fight.
Please forgive me! Atleast try.

Give me smiles,
Give me a reason.
Make me realise that I am alive.
As the daylight does to sun
And the rest is all revived.

I am just an Artist

Your lips, your eyes, your soul
Are like a work of art,
The most creative thing of all
Is your beautiful heart.

If you were a painting,
No colours could express
The beauty deep inside you,
A rainbow, nothing less.

If you were a sculpture
The clay could hardly make
Your figure of an angel
Without one mistake.

If you were a euphony
No choir could really sing
All the beautiful music
Your eyes could possibly bring.

So here I am, an artist,
With inspiration beyond belief
But to capture such rare beauty,
I’d have to be a thief.

Happy Mother’s Day

As mothers’ day is just around the corner and people are posting on how great their mothers are or how lucky they are to have them, I have something that will take most of my readers by shock. A story.

It all started that day when she was merely 18 months old. The flashes from that day still fresh in her memory. Hot, red flames rising from ground of her bedroom and all her father said, ‘Baby! Go to your granny, RUN.’ Without much delay, she did as her father told her. She ran towards her granny in the kitchen and hugged her. Her sobbing self didn’t know what was happening. She didn’t realize then that she won’t be seeing her mother EVER. She lost her mother to the engulfed fire in the bedroom. She grew up just fine. With other people in the family to love her and treat her as a princess, she never missed her mother. Until when she was 11.

It was the same, regular night as everyday. Her father came home from work, they both had dinner and went away for a drive. It was during the drive that her father asked her if he could get her a new mom. Until then, she had known her paternal aunt as her mother. She was taken aback and confused. She felt cheated. Her father told her that the next day they would be visiting a friend. ‘she is very nice, you will like her’ said her father to her. She didn’t want to meet, she didn’t want to like her. But she was only 11, what else she could do. Things fell in place for her father and he got married to this wonderful woman. She was happy because of 3 reasons. 1. That her father will not have to spend a lifetime alone. 2. That this woman would now be her mother and 3. That she got an elder sister (the girl was the daughter of her new mother).

Things were going fine for her. She never hated her step mom or step sister. Her step mom wasn’t as evil as portrayed otherwise. There was only one thing that bothered her. How did her mother die? The fire from her memory was still fresh. She had been asking her aunt whom she was extremely close to about her mother’s death. On not getting a closure, she had started forming assumption in her mind. She was sure that it wasn’t a natural death. She had heard people from her neighborhood, talking about how nice her mother was and how troubled she felt in her marriage. This led to a huge fight in her mind. Was it an accident, a suicide or a murder. To believe it was an accident and that her father was trying to save her from the fire was an easy option out for the little girl. But she wasn’t the one to go for easy way out. The other 2 options just made things worse for her. In any of the 2 case, her either parent was to be blamed for the hollowness that was left behind in her heart by her mother’s death.

She often spoke to stars thinking her mother was watching. She cried, thanked and smiled at them. She had no one else to share what resided in her heart. She gradually started feeling let down on not getting a response. How stupid of her to expect response from stars. So she stopped talking and picked up her pen and wrote her heart out. Her outlook towards life and world had changed when she graduated and started working to lead an independent life. She didn’t look back and moved on to have a good future.

But every year on mother’s day, when she sees people praising their mother for being the best cook, the best friend or the best person, she secretly envies them for not being able to keep up with it. She still didn’t get her closure on that topic but she is happy and content with herself for being the woman she grew into.

The one that got away

I miss that time
We spoke all day.
Now good morning and good night,
Is all we say.

Our charm and connection,
Is somewhere lost in the way.
I miss that passion,
But you are the one that got away.

You say I am all you got,
I wonder if it’s true or not.
I wouldn’t let you go if I were you,
Coz the words I say are true.

I am let down.
Proved wrong.
Yet waiting wearing ball gown,
But now you are gone.