❤ Seasons of Love ❤

On a sunny day, at the beach
I will be that shady coconut tree.
Where the blue waves will be within reach
While the cool breeze will be free.

On a rainy day, at the river
I will be your floating device.
Just hold on and don’t shiver
There will be laughter but no cries.

On a cold winter night,
I will be a sip of hot coffee.
Snowy road will be the sight,
While you and your mates take selfie.

If you are having a bad day,
Just let me know.
If life isn’t fair and making you sway,
Just let me know.

If you want to take a break off,
Just let me know.
I will be your cute blue smurf,
Things will be fine, just go with the flow.


In Your Eyes, I See My World

I was as cold as ice,
But then you came along just to melt me.
I was as tough as iron,
But you turned out to be magnet just to pull me.

Inside i was all sad and broken,
But i had to pretend that i was strong.
I thought true love didn’t exist,
You came by just to prove me wrong.

I am glad you stayed back,
and never gave up on me.
You were patient to hold your ground
and you became my bestie.

I changed your life, you say
Oh really!
Then what have you done to me.
Your life revolves around me, you say
but ultimately in center getting all love and care is me.

i might be the one for you,
i might be your world,
Now here’s the truth you need to know
in your eyes i see My world.

You are my prince charming in disguise,
But i am no princess.
You are the reason i breathe,
You are the reason of my existence.

Me and You ♡

Though I smile on the outside,
The pain in me is still the same.
So many thoughts of you inside,
But I have to win this LIFE GAME.

You said love was a game for me,
Never tried to see the other side of the grass.
Please let me be me, the way I want to be
Let the wind blow, let the feeling pass.

I love you, I really do.
But at times I feel blue,
Knowing that once upon a time, we were the perfect Two.

You say, I say…

You say you are weighed down by your own baggage,

But trust me, I am trapped inside by my own heart’s cage.

You say don’t dwell on this feeling,

But that is the reason of my well-being.

You say let’s draw lines,

But that pricks my soul like Porcupines.

I will be the pillar where your focus stands still,

Let your mind be the servant and follow your will.