Life’s Prison

I try and try to ease the pain,
A fallen effort with no gain.
Thoughts begin to eat away,
Makes me wanna end it today.

Uncomfortable around others because of the way I feel,
I pray and wish all of this wasn’t real.
Life just seems more like a prison,
Caged, alone, an outraged risen.

No one could ever understand,
Why I would want my death sooner than planned.
It’s not something I would want for me,
But to end my suffering this is what it has to be.


Deep in my Heart

Out you bring in me,
The feeling of euphoria.
Deep in your eyes I see,
They hold more secrets than Victoria.

The truth haunts me,
I just want to be in that trance.
How long we last, I’ll see.
But few are the chance.

We can’t be together,
That’s the fact of life.
As much as you belong with her,
It stabs my heart with a knife.

I think of you in silence.
No soul can see me weep.
But deep in my heart,
Your image I shall keep.

🎶 Our Song 🎶

I can’t write great articles like you,
But I know my rhymes.
I like you, I really do.
But I can’t be that girl this time.

For only I know, what you seek.
But I am not her, you see.
How I wish you’d know,
My heart is as cold as snow.

I can’t be yours,
No matter however you wish.
I feel choked, I feel foolish.

My fate is sealed.
Take your time, for you will be healed.
One day, I’ll be gone
And all that will remain is OUR SONG. ūüé∂