I too had a Love Story 

You cross my mind, day and night.
Your face is my heaven at sight.

When you are away,
I pray together we stay.

The feel of our first kiss,
So magical, eternal and pure bliss.

Oh! How I remember that night.
The way you held me so close, so tight.

Your touch sends me chills down my spine.
You remember! Our card games and shots of wine.

I cherish how we spent our evenings,
Roaming, eating, drinking and dancing.

I wait for those days to come again.
Where we spend our nights, crazy and insane.

There won’t be tears anymore,
Close we shall be, with distance no more.


Just want you to know

You are the boy,
Whom I look forward to.
I gathered my guts,
And said I Love You.
I waited for the answer,
Not lil but quit a while.
And finally got to know,
That you were never mine.
But then to admire you,
For someone who you are.
I know you are not with me,
But follow me like a star.
I think of you always,
And will continue to do so.
I Love You and will always do,
I just want you to know.

FRIEND in me


When life is dark and you are unable to see,
Turn to me because you got a friend in me.

When u can’t swim and sink to bottom of the sea,
You will rise up, because u got a friend in me.

When life gets tough, tough is what you have to be,
Expect all the support, because u got a friend in me.

At the end, all I wanna say
I will always be around, never away.
Be happy and don’t worry.
You will always have a friend in me.

Love begins at Heaven’s gate…

Your love is so strong and bright,
It leaves me with a smile when i fall asleep at night.

When i m dreaming hours seem as minutes,
Because i cherish every moment with you in it.

Waking up to your message “good morning”
Sends my heart and soul high a soaring.

Love is said to last only till death,

But our love will prove stronger than our final breath.

Our love has the power to create,

And when we die our love begins again at heavens gate.

Waiting, still waiting….

I have waited long enough
Calm, patient and steady.
Take your time, don’t rush.
I’ll still be here when you ready.

Don’t misunderstand my silence,
I have now grown “used to”.
Its not my patience,
But keeping me alive, is my love for you.

I feed on our memories,
I strive too hard.
I want to be straw to your berries,
But my emotions for you are barred.

I love you, its not secret.
I don’t expect from you the same.
I may not win you, but i wont regret.
Because my love for you is unconditional, not a game

Love is unconditional, is it?

Love is pain, Love is medicine
Love is blessing, Love is sin.

Love makes, Love breaks.
Love destroys, Love creates.

Love falls, Love rises.
Love is heat, Love is ice.

Love is in closeness,
Love is in distance.
Love is not planned,
Love is instant.

Love is free, for which we pay a price.
Love is in belongingness.
Love gives in, Love rebels.
Love is unconditional,
When conditions apply, is it love i wonder.

Embrace love as it comes,
Not all are blessed, only some.
it is better to love and lose.
Love picks you, you don’t choose.


Life’s Prison

I try and try to ease the pain,
A fallen effort with no gain.
Thoughts begin to eat away,
Makes me wanna end it today.

Uncomfortable around others because of the way I feel,
I pray and wish all of this wasn’t real.
Life just seems more like a prison,
Caged, alone, an outraged risen.

No one could ever understand,
Why I would want my death sooner than planned.
It’s not something I would want for me,
But to end my suffering this is what it has to be.