Just want you to know

You are the boy,
Whom I look forward to.
I gathered my guts,
And said I Love You.
I waited for the answer,
Not lil but quit a while.
And finally got to know,
That you were never mine.
But then to admire you,
For someone who you are.
I know you are not with me,
But follow me like a star.
I think of you always,
And will continue to do so.
I Love You and will always do,
I just want you to know.

Love begins at Heaven’s gate…

Your love is so strong and bright,
It leaves me with a smile when i fall asleep at night.

When i m dreaming hours seem as minutes,
Because i cherish every moment with you in it.

Waking up to your message “good morning”
Sends my heart and soul high a soaring.

Love is said to last only till death,

But our love will prove stronger than our final breath.

Our love has the power to create,

And when we die our love begins again at heavens gate.

Waiting, still waiting….

I have waited long enough
Calm, patient and steady.
Take your time, don’t rush.
I’ll still be here when you ready.

Don’t misunderstand my silence,
I have now grown “used to”.
Its not my patience,
But keeping me alive, is my love for you.

I feed on our memories,
I strive too hard.
I want to be straw to your berries,
But my emotions for you are barred.

I love you, its not secret.
I don’t expect from you the same.
I may not win you, but i wont regret.
Because my love for you is unconditional, not a game